Introducing the Aussie Mushroom Display and Storage Fridge

The Co2 and Grow Your Own Medicinal Mushroom kits have been selling really well in stores across Australia and we have seen steadily increasing demand in the last few years.   We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for retail stores and end users and we are now offering a branded fridge that ensures products stay perfectly fresh until customers are ready to use them.  

The Co2 grow bags are the most cost effective way of optimising growing spaces such as medium sized grow tents and propagation environments.  Simply set and go - the bags raise Co2 without expensive dosing units, gas refills or hardware. They also produce humidity (perfect for vegetative stage of growth) and are even more effective in early grow stages when air extraction is minimal.  

We have a wide range of Grow your Own Medicinal Mushroom kits which include Reishi, Turkey Tail and Australian natives like Lions Mane.  They are great as both edibles and to make tinctures and natural medicine with many of the varieties proven to build the immune system, support gut health and support cognitive and brain function ‚Äì plus many are absolutely delicious to eat!    

The Retail Store Offer – a complete package of fridge and kits to fill it

We will cover half the cost of the Fridge and give you an upfront discount of 10% on the mushroom kits inside. 

The 1000L display fridge holds 64 Mushroom bas in total with 32 Co2 Bags on one side and 32 Edible or Medicinal Kits on the other. 

We also supply advertising material and branding stickers for the fridge. We load and pack the fridge here at Supreme to ensure everything's supplied perfectly palleted for transport. Local are stores are free delivery and we can offset the freight with free stock interstate if you hit  order value is above the.

New sales and solid profit margins

Your initial investment to buy a fully stocked fridge is $1,944 + GST ($850 for the fridge and $1,094 for 64 mushroom kits) with an RRP of over $2,700.

When you restock the fridge, you can make $30 per Co2 bag and $17 on the Edibles kits ‚Äì that‚Äôs a profit margin of 150% on the Co2 bags and just under 120% on the Edibles kits.  Each time you restock the fridge you will get a profit of $1,500 and based on feedback from our current stockists, these are selling really well and have the added benefit of bringing new customers into the store.

Please note that the 10% discount on Co2 bags and Medicinal Mushroom kits will be added after you have placed the order.

SKU ET00100
Brand Aussie Mushroom

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