Co2 producing Breath Bags

Co2 Producing Breath Bags have taken the indoor gardening world by storm! They create an increase in available Co2 for up to 6 months requiring no gas refills or expensive dosing equipment and ongoing expenses! 

Locally supplied by one of Australia‚Äôs largest professional mushroom cultivators these are fresh and alive and have a longer life than other imported competitors which may already be many months old! 

Aussie Co2 bags are great to use for all stages of propagation, vegetative growth, and flowering. Simply hang your bags just above the plant canopy if using a sealed room or timed extraction. Or simply place down under your plants and let the negative pressure and extractor fans pull extra co2 up through the canopy. 

Suitable for all stages of growth (propagation, vegetative, and bloom)

Brand Aussie Mushroom

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