The F1V system, offered in 1000-watt, 800-watt, 640-watt and 420-watt LED lights, is designed for cultivation in vertical environments of all sizes. To ensure a more predictable crop performance, the F1V provides uniform photon density‚ eliminating uneven hot spots and cool spots for the most precise consistency possible.

Each F1V system is built to order, with systems constructed to fit the specific parameters of each cultivation environment.

The F1V system, like other Fohse systems, names endurance as one of its strengths, surpassing the lifespan of low-cost HID systems such as ceramic metal halide or high-pressure sodium systems. The ability to avoid perpetual bulb maintenance is a selling point for the F1V, which‚ like the A3i model‚Äîprovides up to 12 years of light per bulb. 

With a dual-purpose design, the F1V uses passive cooling technology to keep its diodes operating at peak efficiency, while dispersing heat to bring ambient room temperatures up. This process drives critical RuBisCO reactions closer to their full potential for increased carbon assimilation.



Brand FOHSE Lighting

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