Fohse's 06i model, designed for greenhouse illumination, consists of 1200-watt LED lights. The 06i's compact size is a selling point, with its design centered on the idea that greater photon density leads to more carbon assimilation and in turn, more biomass. The 06i includes more photons in each footprint than any other greenhouse light currently on the market.

The 06i light was designed with ease in mind, an effort to make the transition from an HPS greenhouse system to an LED system as painless as possible. With the 06i, an overhaul of existing electrical or truss infrastructure is unnecessary. Why make the change? The 06i has 50 percent greater output than a 1000-watt DE HPS system, according to the company, with 42 percent greater efficiency and no infrared spike generating unnecessary heat. 

The 06i further sets itself apart from other greenhouse systems with its Light Harvesting sensors, which measure the natural light in a greenhouse. If the sensors detect changes from a cloud cover to seasonal daylight fluctuations the system can self-adjust in increments as little as 1 percent in real time as light conditions in the greenhouse evolve. The system operates via wireless internet and can be controlled with a mobile app.

The 06i system utilizes both passive and active cooling, with aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and two hyper-efficient variable speed fans to keep the system's LEDs operating at peak efficiency. The system, which is made for damp environments, is also protected against the dangers of fluctuating humidity which isa potential risk for sensitive electronics in greenhouses, where condensation can easily turn into drips with an IP67 rating. Unlike competing light models, owners of the 06i system have the ability to hose their fixtures down post-harvest without taking them down.



Brand FOHSE Lighting

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